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You Can Have the Body of a Ballet Dancer

If you do a ballet dancer's workout

at the barre



Our Students do Ballet Bod (TM) Barre Stretch

These are non-dancers creating a ballet body

by doing Ballet Body (TM) Barre

Be Beautiful!        Be Ballet Barre!

Ballet Body(TM) Barre

Roberta Senn, Director

Roberta Senn, Ballet Body (TM) Barre creator

Developed by former ballerina Roberta Senn, Ballet Body(TM) Barre is a workout using the same exercises ballerinas use to maintain their physiques.

Our method is designed for the non-dancer, those with little or no dance experience, in an easy to follow class

Be Beautiful!    Be Ballet!     Be Barre!

Watch a Video about Ballet Body(TM) Barre


"Developed by former ballerina Roberta Senn, Ballet Body(TM) Barre follows the format of traditional barre classes ballerinas have taken for years to maintain their long and lean physiques and develop the strength required to perform at the highest level. The result is what Senn calls “the most beautiful bodies on the planet.”

Screenshot from 2024-02-14 12-39-06.png

"Unlike barre fitness classes, Ballet Body(TM) Barre moves utilize the full range of motion required to dance. However, no dance experience is necessary in this easy to follow class, as I discovered when I took Ballet Body Barre Basic taught by Senn herself for Week 4 of 52 Weeks of Fitness."

Screenshot from 2024-02-14 12-40-44.png

"The focus at Ballet Body(TM) Barre is “Lift & Lengthen to be Lean”, along with the motto “Turn Out to Tone Up” that creates the ballet dancer physique. Elongating the spine also makes you taller, reduces back pain, and improves posture, counteracting the constant downward pull of our cell phones and computers."


Welcome to Ballet & Body Online, Virtual Class Series!

Ballet and Body is happy to invite our students to join the 

October 2023
June 2024

(646) 852-6545

After two and a half years , I must thank you for your a wonderful dance classes  that are inclusive,  energetic and  nonjudgmental.  I have made friends for life and lost fifteen pounds without dieting.  My arms, waist and thighs are now well sculpted.  Your program is perfect for people like me who loathe gyms,  But want to exercise.  Being as a person in her seventies, I can say ,” kudos”.  What fun,I love dancing with people from their teens through their eighties.  Keep up your great work!


Much love, Nina

What is BBB?

 What is Ballet Body(TM) Barre? 

Ballet barre is what ballet dancers do to train their bodies and prepare them to dance.  This is the daily workout of all ballet dancers male and female.  Barre creates the body that then goes on to dance.  Barre creates musculature that is long, lean, toned, strong and NEVER BULKED.  HEALTH and BEAUTY is the essence of ballet barre training.  At Ballet and Body, barre is taught by professional dancers with at least 10 years of training and years of experience in major ballet companies.

Be Beautiful          Be Ballet          Be Ballet Barre

BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre Students at the Barre
BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre includes Dancers' stretches
Ballet leg on the Barre stretch
Leg Swings work full range of motion
Group lessons at flagship studio Ballet & Body are small and comfortable
Ballet Body (TM) Barre includes arabesque at the barre
BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre uses Allongee at the barre
Get beautiful legs and feet with BBB Ballet Body Barre
Spinal twists in BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre Stretch
Grand Battement to the back in BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre
BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre works the muscles of the foot
BBB Ballet Body Barre uses leg on the barre to assist correct alignment and increase range
What to expect in a BBB Class

What to expect in a Ballet Body(TM) Barre Class

The class begins with seated, reclining and standing stretches taken from Yoga, Pilates and others practiced regularly by ballet dancers.

These are followed by a 45 minute ballet barre performed on the beginner level.  No previous dance experience is necessary to follow this class.

After barre is a basic arm workout and cool down.  At the end you will feel euphoric, completely worked out and ready to do anything.

Our NEW  Class types will let you find the our best fit for your fitness needs:

Class Descriptions

Ballet Body Barre Basic
For Beginners with no ballet class experience.  All terms and positions are explained.

Ballet Body Barre Beginner
For those who have some ballet experience, but still on the beginner level.

Ballet Body Barre Beyond Beginner
Not Beginner, not Intermediate, perhaps Advanced Beginner.  Some experience necessary.

Ballet Body Barre BLAST
A new shorter version of BBBarre:  a high energy, faster paced, 50 minute harder workout to get you energized before work.

This has changed my life. Roberta is truly wonderful. I am not a graceful swan by any means yet she instills confidence that you can do it. She teaches you the right way and you feel like a real dancer because you're doing exactly what real dancers do. There is no substitute. I'm longer and my posture has greatly improved because it's all about lifting your torso up.  If I can do it, anybody can.

--   Mel B. Long Island City, NY 

two of our beautiful BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre instructors demonstrate stretching
Benefit of BBB

Benefits of Ballet Body(TM) Barre

There are multiple benefits of doing a ballerina’s workout by taking Ballet Body(TM) Barre but there are two major ones that are not found in any other workout.


Lift & Lengthen to be Lean:

(1) elongating the spine makes you taller, reduces back pain, and improves overall health

(2) separating your torso from legs by “pulling up” thins thighs. waist and buttocks

(3) lengthening and lifting counteracts the constant downward pull of cell phones and computers

(4) prolonged elongation tones abdominal muscles and strengthens core

(5) sustained “pulling up” creates an elegant posture

Turn Out to Tone Up:

Anyone of any age can do this workout.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANY PREVIOUS BALLET TRAINING!  Even if you don’t have the “body type” of a ballerina, you will create your BEST BODY by doing the barre workout of a ballerina, Ballet Body(TM) Barre!

(1) ballet is done with turned out legs which reduces the overuse and bulking of quadriceps and hamstrings

(2) all muscles are worked equally whereas most workouts overuse the quads

(3) working with turned out legs sculpts your legs into Ballerina legs

Forget all the other hyped up classes - this is legit ballet barre :) The Ballet Body Barre class is awesome, especially the intense stretching exercises. The studio is airy and beautiful. The instructor came around and gave us individual pointers to make sure our form was correct, which was really helpful.  Loved it!

–   Anna D.   Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY

I tried a class today.  Loved it!!  It's not  typical of the barre classes that have popped up recently.    This is really about BALLET!!!
If you haven't done ballet in awhile, or have never done ballet, instructor will assist you.  If you've been dancing awhile, this is a great workout for you!  Give this studio a try.  You'll want to go again!!

–   Violet L.    San Francisco, CA


Our Instructors

 Our Instructors 


Studio Schedule

Hybrid Ballet Body Barre classes are available at BBB its home studio Ballet & Body in New York City

Ballet & Body also offers other types of classes for Adults including  ballet classes, Pointe and special workshops.  For a current schedule of the studio's complete offerings click below.



B&B Pricing revised 12-21-2020.jpg
Book a BBB class

 Book a Ballet Body(TM) Barre class 

Book a class with us on MindBodyonline.  You may purchase classes or packages on line, but you are also welcome to use the "Book Now and Pay When You Arrive" option.

Our New Hybrid Schedule features both In-Person and Virtual options.  In-Person capacity is limited due to distancing.  Safety protocols are in place and Masks are required at all times.  Virtual options are available through the Zoom Cloud Meeting platform.  Invites are sent during the half hour before class to paid reservations.  Reservations close 1 hour before class time.  It is  permitted to both waitlist for In-Person class and reserve for Virtual class, our staff will make sure you are not charged twice.

To see the schedule click "Book a Class"  for graphic versions of our schedule

Tendu Side in BBB Ballet Body (TM) Barre Class works the demi pointe or ball of the foot
Be Beautiful     Be Ballet    Be Ballet Barre
 Be Your Best Body with Ballet Body (TM) Barre 
What to wear for BBB

What to Wear for Ballet Body(TM) Barre

Dress Suggestions and Guidelines for Ballet Body™ Barre, wear leggings and a top, or workout clothes or dance clothes.  Socks are fine. We sell ballet slippers, so if you become a member, it is advisable to let us fit them on you.

Due to COVID concerns Masks are required at all times for In-Person attendance.  Virtual participants are encouraged to find reasonable substitutes for a ballet barre and resistance band if they do not happen to have those items at their location.


I took the Ballet Body Barre class for the first time yesterday. I will return and recommend the studio whole heartedly.  The space is beautiful, clean,  well ventilated, full of light; the changing area and bathrooms are immaculate.  Bravo -- this is a refreshing change from other dance studios, both uptown and downtown ...The instruction (by Roberta Senn, the director of the school) was clear, calm, correct.  This is a good place to learn, whether you are coming back to the barre with extensive background, as I am,  or if you are a newbie beginner:  Roberta keeps you grounded in fundamentals and she adapted the class to the different levels of experience of the various people present.  The Ballet Body Barre class is differentiated -- it is 25 minutes of stretching on the floor, which felt great, and the rest of was a true ballet barre including standing stretches and a few dance-y moves in the center and across the floor.  The way it's taught, it is not beyond anyone's ability and still a valuable reintroduction to technique. The emphasis is on the exercises which create long, lean dancers' muscles. These stretches are the antidote to all those cycling and sculpting classes, where I might burn a lot of calories or build muscle, but with no attention to length, grace and beautiful carriage.  Ballet is an art; it gives you a quality of movement noticeably different from other classes.  This school makes the art accessible.  


L. L.    Manhattan, NY


Be Beautiful!     Be Ballet!     Be Ballet Barre!

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