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Additional Reviews and Testimonials

I absolutely loved Ballet and Body! The Ballet Body Barre class was so unique because you're doing real ballet training that the professionals do. It's so elegant and the music is beautiful. I didn't really sweat and it was more effective than all the other ballet barre classes you find around here. We stretch everything out for the first part of class and the workouts never build up your quads adds bulk, it really lengthens and tones your legs and works your butt muscles. It is also amazing to correct your posture. Ballet and Body is a great alternative workout that you end up looking forward to rather than dread. Can't wait to go back! Thanks Roberta!

–   Steph H.    Theater District, Manhattan, NY

I loved this class and I cannot dance (at all!).  You start with a deep stretch which makes your body feel so good.  I could feel the stress melting away.  I also felt more limber at the end than I have in years.  The instructor was great at giving feedback and corrections to make sure you were doing the exercises properly.

Following the stretch you do a classical ballet barre.  I had never had any ballet training so it was nice to learn the basics.  However, this barre would be great for even experienced dancers.

After the barre, you learn a dance sequence that really anyone could do--it is just a matter of how well you do it :).  In my case, not so great.  Still, I had a great time, I wouldn't have considered it a tough work out except today (the day after) I am a bit sore.

The best part of the class was the instructor.  He made you feel great and taught you everything from history of classical ballet to how to do the steps.  I can't wait to go back!

Don't be afraid to try this even if you wouldn't consider yourself a dancer type!

–   Sheridan O.    Brooklyn, NY

I wore one of my typical workout outfits--yoga pants, tight tank top, and sports bra plus a pair of barre socks.  I did not look out of place.

–   Sarah B.     New York, NY

Found this Ballet Body Barre class has been a dream come true for me.  I took ballet while growing up and was  surprised to find ballet class for adults.  I've been taking classes 3 times a week for a month now and I've never felt better. It's been therapeutic on multiple levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.  There is beautiful grace to ballet and I'm so glad to be back into it.

–   Maria M.    Manhattan, NY

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