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Welcome to Ballet & Body Online, Virtual Class Series!

  • Unlimited access to 16 ballet barre workouts and 5 stretch workouts

  • Beginner to Intermediate levels

  • No Ballet experience or training necessary

  • Reshape your muscles to be those of a Ballet Dancer

  • Achieve the elegant posture of a Ballet Dancer


Free Trial Will Give You Access to All Classes for Two Days

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One of Our Instructors

Gisela Quinteros

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Be Beautiful!

Be Ballet!

Be Barre!

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Roberta Senn,

Creator of Ballet Body Barre was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where she studied ballet with teachers from the Royal Ballet of London.

As a young adult she moved to New York City where she performed in the original Broadway production of "Fiddler on the Roof" and was Jerome Robbins' muse. She then toured the U.S. in several ballet companies and moved to Europe where she danced in the Geneva Ballet, Israeli National Ballet and the Iranian National Ballet.

Returning to New York she opened the Great Neck School of Dance and trained thousands of children including Ashley Hod, currently dancing principal roles in the New York City Ballet, Isabella de Vivo, a soloist in the San Francisco Ballet and Sarah Hughes, the Olympic Gold Medalist of 2002.

In 2015 Roberta opened Ballet and Body on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with the purpose of spreading the Ballet Body Barre workout to the entire planet.

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Portable Barres

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  • Marfula Ballet Barre

  • Umeken 4 foot Ballet Barre

  • Zen Markt 5 foot Barre

  • Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre

  • Bi Fanuo Ballet Barre

  • Happy Buy Double Ballet Barre (longer)

  • Yes 4 All 8 foot (better for stretching because it's longer) It can also be ordered shorter and has a low and high barre.

  • (BLOCH Ballet Slippers)



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