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Additional Benefits of Ballet Body(TM) Barre

Poise, grace, elegance, beautiful posture, a healthy spine.

Classical music.  The workout is done to classical or jazz music which can be both soothing and stuimulating.  

Muscles cannot bulk from this form of exercise which lengthens, strengthens and tones but never bulks the muscles.

There is zero dang
er of injuries doing this workout.  Between the warm-up stretches and the barre which begins very slowly it carefully and gradually warms the muscles.  This is why dancers would never go on stage without doing a full ballet barre.

It is really FUN to do a dancer’s warm-up and to know that you are doing the exact same warm-up practiced by beautiful ballerinas and strong male dancers for centuries!  You CAN HAVE the body of a ballet dancer!!

The workout is BEAUTIFUL.  Because you are doing the same movements as a ballet dancer you begin to achieve the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer!

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