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The Secret to Better Legs

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Imagine if you had the long tone legs of a Ballerina . . .

A ballerina's legs are long, toned, and beautifully shaped but not bulky. Did you ever wonder why?

I’ll tell you a secret: it’s the way we train in ballet, with the legs turned out at the hip instead of parallel. 

Most gym exercises are in parallel position (knees and toes pointing straight forward). Biking, for instance, over develops the quads and hamstrings. By turning out our legs, we focus instead on the inner thighs, the backs of the legs and the core. It spreads the effort of the exercise , leading to a whole body-sculpting workout.

The exercises developed in Ballet Body barre are these same exercises ballerinas use. Your legs will get shaped by consistently doing our Ballet Body Barre in traditional , turned out position.

We notice the difference, firsthand, when I saw I saw the tryout of An American in Paris in France. There were two distinct groups of dancers: the ballet dancers and the jazz dancers. From the stage, I could see the jazz dancer's legs were thicker, not as svelte, and the cast of ballerina legs.

All these dancers DO train in ballet, but when the training is focused on jazz, hip hop and tap, the difference is noticeable even from the stage.

The point is, when you train using Ballet Body Barre, you'll see the same changes in YOUR legs. These exercises are unique to the art of ballet and they won't be found in your traditional gym or fitness class.

Ballet Body Barre was one of the first barre workouts which I developed at what Equinox Sport Club at Lincoln Center

Fitness fads come and go but our real Ballet Body Barre classes have been here to stay. Ballet Body Barre leaves a lasting impression!

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