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Finding Your Ballerina muscles

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

If you’ve ever taken James’ Ballet Body Barre class, you have for sure used a combination of flexing and pointing your feet.

You’re thinking, “A flexed foot?! But ballerinas don’t flex their feet!”

Well . . . almost!

In classical ballets you rarely see a flexed foot, but Instructor James loves to use this little-known tool for working out those turnout muscles; the muscles that will tone the inner thighs and buttocks!

“My favorite tool to use in class is definitely the flexed foot, believe it or not,” says Instructor James. “when you change between flexing and pointing the foot, you really feel the correct muscles you need to engage to get that beautifully, shaped ballet leg.”

So where does he add the foot flex?

“You can add it to almost ANY exercise . . . and I do!”

Any time the foot is off the floor is an opportunity to flex and rotate that working leg more. Then, when you go to point that foot, you work hard to keep that rotation. You’ll feel the muscles working!

Keep this in mind when you sign up for James’ Ballet Body Barre class. It’s a training tool that dancers use to perfect their technique and it’s a tool YOU can use to tone and shape those legs you’re aiming for!

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