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Announcing Video on Demand!

Have you begun your fitness journey? Well, every day counts!

You probably already knew this, but when it comes to fitness training, consistency is key.

Ballerinas take class every day to keep their joints mobile, muscles toned and to continue perfecting their bodies. With Ballet Body Barre, it's not different.

Ballet exercises start by working the body from the ground up. The plie movement warms the joints and prepares the legs for the iconic turned-out position. Working with the legs turned-out is exactly what your other workouts are missing to build the legs you admire! But it takes CONSISTENCY to get that turn-out to turn out results.

Our new online video course has all the same benefits of our in-person, Upper East Side classes with the added benefit of completing your training on your own schedule.

The exercises in the course are proven to strengthen all the muscles we admire most: the stomach, upper back, thighs and buttocks. Ballet dancers have performed these same exercises

for years, and in return, their toned bodies have long been admired.

And if you're worried about getting bulky muscles, this workout doesn't do that!

The Ballet Body Barre course also includes a series of upper body and lower body stretches to increase the range of motion in the joints. Basically, what that means, is you feel AMAZING. More stretch plus more strength equals standing taller, feeling more beautiful and radiating confidence!

Is your busy schedule in the way? Then this course is for YOU. Make sure you stay true to your practice and your goals.

The course is available with a free, 4-day trial and walks you through multiple levels, starting at beginner and slowly progressing. Enjoy the demonstrations by professional ballerinas!

Click here to sign up NOW and build the ballerina body you're proud of.

Join the hundreds of women who have enjoyed this work out over the years

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