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Children's Classes


Classes for children begin at age 2 and continue through the teen age years. The purpose of our school is to promote the love of classical ballet with all the benefits it provides including discipline, concentration, flexibility, grace, good posture, musicality, etc. 

Our faculty of teachers come from the worlds finest ballet companies and schools. They give their love and expertise in a supportive and an encouraging setting where learning is fun and enjoyable. 


Mommy & me (2-3 years)

Music, Motion,  and Mommy, 

simple stretches, dancing with props, flowers, scarfs, puppets, make for introduction to dance.

Creative Dance (4-5 years)

All of the above  (without mommy) with movement patterns such as walking on toes, skipping, marching, sliding, leaping, as well as stretching  and a bit of ballet technique at the barre.

Ballet Technique (6 years - teen)

Graded level classes begin at age 6 and continue through young adult years. The curriculum, a synthesis of Russian (Vaganova)  french (Paris Opera) and Italian (Cecchetti) training methods. The program is designed for children to progress to higher levels, eventually learning pointe and pas de deux (partnering). We highly recommend for children who want to advance  take a minimum of two classes per week.

Calendar 2022-2023



20 weeks classes (one week off for holidays)


FEBRUARY 6 - JUNE 19 (20 weeks)


$800 per semester. Tuition for one semester may be paid in 2 payments with by signing a payment agreement. The first 3 classes are a trial period. Any tuition already paid beyond the first 3 classes will be refunded minus a $50 registration fee. 

Registration Proceedure

Please call (646) 852-6545. At that time you can buy any dancewear you need. We have a full line of ballet slippers and the required leotard.

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